Mentoring Mondays Live

So so many people have been asking me to do a training course recently, and I always reply the same way. I really do not have enough time to create and keep this updated nor am I holding back any of the information from my youtube channel. In Fact i’ve launched my “Property Secrets” series on youtube today (Wednesday 7th April 2021) which really would be all the “secret sauce” that I may be able to sell. I really want to meet the demand for access to me (which humbles me greatly) and as such i’m launching the Mentoring Mondays Live weekly calls. This will also help the youtube channel meet its costs which commercially speaking it must do at some point. Especially if we are to meet our objective of giving away an investment property!

Online Weekly Group Mentoring Mondays:

£45 Per Month

Mentoring Mondays Live: 

  • 1 – 1.5 Hr, hosted on Zoom live with Mark Parham.
  • 19:30 start every Monday (feel free to join half way if you can’t make the start)
  • £45 Per month – Cancel anytime (no minimum term or anything like that!)
  • Each week we will discuss a new theme, members can recommend themes.
  • Real community feel, networking with like minded people will be encouraged.

If you wish to subscribe there is no minimum contract and the link will be emailed out every Monday around 7:00pm to all active subscribers at that point.

“Click the link below to join our community and I can’t wait to see you all on our weekly calls!”

Mark Parham

Times & Dates

These live meetings will take place every Monday on Zoom with Mark Parham.

My Mission & Vision

“My mission is too enrich as many peoples lives as possible through my YouTube channel, providing an exceptional ROI on peoples time which they invest in watching my videos. I want everybody to maximise their health, wealth, and happiness.”

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Mark can help with: