Samuel Leeds crash course truth

In this video I provide a full and frank review of the Samuel Leeds Crash Course which I attending in January of 2021. I go through the prices of the courses as well as the “offers” to purchase that are made by Samuel Leeds and his team.

Why you should refinance your property investment

In this Video I discuss the pros and cons of refinancing your property investments. Ultimately I have now refinanced all my houses to return as much of my original capital as possible. This said what is right for me might not be right for you and as an investor its important to understand both the… Continue reading Why you should refinance your property investment

I bought a house from Samuel Leeds, Guess what happened next

I bought a property from Samuel Leeds in 2017 up in Sheffield. In this video we discuss how that worked out, how the property has grown its capital and whether or not I was happy with my purchase.

My Biggest Investment Error

Everyone makes mistakes, I am no exception, if anything I make more than most and move forward quicker. I really enjoyed making this video, discussing my errors and hopefully helping you avoid making the same mistakes.