How To Start A Business

Episode 2: 

How to become a millionaire fast | How To Start A Business 


So writing this blog I have just finished filming how to become a millionaire fast and I’m honestly so thrilled to get this information out to everyone. I honestly believe that starting and scaling a business is the quickest way to become wealthy, I’m not however saying it’s the easiest!


Now as i write this looking over the oxfordshire countryside, in my work space, i feel very grateful for all that being an entrepreneur has given me but more than any of that, i’m so proud of who I have become. So with that small amount of self love out the way, let’s get on with giving you in less than 500 words the accumulated knowledge of my 15 years experience!

So you want to start a business hey? Well let’s start with step one:

Create a PLAN! 

We need to discover what our product or service is going to be. I would first of all look at what it is you enjoy, the modern world has allowed businesses to be created and scaled in so many sectors that did not exist 10 years ago. Today if you loved yo-yoing and were really good at yo-yoing you could create a business part time around your current life with ease. So what would our yo-yo business plan look like. 

Phase 1: 

Would be to practise and film content putting it out into the world. I would use tic tok, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Phase 2: 

Once a following had been amassed I would look to do a Yo-Yo course or a pay for access type event. You could also promote Yo-Yo’s, do brand deals etc. 

Phase 3: 

I would separate out the media business from the brand, offer to do similar projects for other people in other sectors, such as fire eaters using your brand as a yo yo expert as evidence. 

Im not going to go too deep but you can see where im going with this, all this can happen by becoming exceptional at yo-yoing. The online world allows for anyone to target any segment of the population for very little outlay. Gone are the days of having to spend millions on TV adverts when you can have your content delivered directly to someone’s device. Make no mistake, in my experience hardwork and becoming valuable is at the front end of most peoples success.


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